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that's right, we've infiltrated your universe

epic crystian maraunerds
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just some friends keeping in touch; for fun, nothing serious. :)

art by buttfacemakani

andromeda/ted, angel the cook, angel'nsara, being a parallelogram, being icon-whores, being-snerked-at-by-christy, believing in crystianity, christina/daniel craig, christy's omnipotent modpants, chruni, coffee-and-chocolate.com, crystianity, elizabethtudor/marystuart/eleanorofaquitaine=ot3, excessive movie watching, fangirling makani's brilliant art, flailing, flo, germans do it best, great white north, harry potter, hijacking, hot rowing dudes, jk rowling, kali-chelle-and-kelly-in-the-great-white-north, kelly's food obsession, kerstin/sebastian, lanna/alanna/dutch, letter projects, lily/james, liz's canon naziness, loving the black family, marauder era is best, mermaid/sharebear/sharazzel, mocking horrible badfic, not-acting-like-petulant-4-year-olds, obscenely long comment threads, polly, prica/lona, pronouncing acronyms phonetically, psychic icon generators, quoting pride and prejudice, reading/writing harry potter fanfiction, really kinky sex, remus/sirius, ron/hermione, runi the grammar nazi, serious adult dorking, sharon being adorable, sing/sang/song, sora, spitting-beverages-of-choice-onto-our-monitors, sporking twilight, talking-dirty-about-hp-characters, the marauders, the raliverse, tying-things-with-the-force, ultimate-slash-guru-aka-sara, undelusional potterheads against harmony, unknowable room, ur.org, using-the-word-"cockblock"-to-excess, word association